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Today, The Shelter Club has approximately 75 active members representing primarily the communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff and more than 65 non-resident and associate members. Over the years, The Shelter Club has contributed more than $13 million to the Allendale Association and remains the school’s largest private donor.

Funds contributed by The Shelter Club have been used for many projects, big and small. Larger projects include numerous student housing units, a new cafeteria (Shelter Club Commons) and, most recently, a new student technology center. Smaller, but no less important projects include new vehicles for transporting children and their families, and scholarships awarded so that children can continue their education after graduating from Allendale.

In addition to providing financial support, The Shelter Club maintains close relationships with staff and students.

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Allendale Shelter Club Active Members

Jennifer Altounian, Sarah Back, Diane Bailey, Chris Bjork, Alissa Bolton, Lynn Bromstedt, Vivien Brown, Yvonne Bruce, Jen Buettner, Joan Burke, Janet Burt, Sophia Cecola, Tracy Chocol, Kirsten Collister, Julie Crouch, Lorrie Damrow, Garrett Dee, Sheri Dewan, Ann Marie Farino, Kate Fitzgerald, Melissa Goltra, Emily Grace, Stephanie Hayes, Ann-Louise Heise, Whitley Herbert, Christina Hooker, Katie Hutton, Nanette Jenkins, Karla Johnson, Ann Jones, Avery Keller, Kate Kelliher, Alison Kohlmeyer, Carolyn Konz, Meg Lynch, Cecily Lynch, Jenny McKinney, Susan Merlin, Delilah Mesrobian, Meredith Mitchell, Janet Nagel, Jodie Nedeau, Elizabeth Polito, Susan Sebulsky, Julie Slobodnik, Jacqueline Stensrud, Suzanne Tchamitchian Lisa Tobin, Laura Torosian, Linda Traeger, Karen Uihlein, Julie Valenti, Cassandra Vermillion, Ester Viti, Kristen Weisberg, Susan Weninger, Tammy Werner, Lisa Zenni
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