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The Allendale Association is an organization dedicated to serving the children and youth of Illinois with serious emotional, mental health and behavioral challenges. Allendale is committed to providing excellence and innovation in the care, treatment, education and advocacy for children so that they may lead healthy and productive lives in the long term. The Shelter Club has supported this mission for over 115 years.

Allendale Shelter Club Executive Board

Laura Torosian


Meredith Mitchell

Vice President

Alissa Bolton


Susan Merlin


Kate Kelliher


Allendale Shelter Club Active Members

Azza Andreesen, Sarah Back, Diane Bailey, Chris Bjork, Alissa Bolton, Lynn Bromstedt, Yvonne Bruce, Tracy Chocol, Kirsten Collister, Julie Crouch, Lorrie Damrow, Garrett Dee, Sheri Dewan, Melissa Goltra, Stephanie Hayes, Whitley Bouma Herbert, Ann Jones, Avery Keller, Kate Kelliher, Alison Kohlmeyer, Carolyn Konz, Cecily Lynch, Meg Lynch, Jenny McKinney, Susan Merlin, Delilah Mesrobian, Meredith Mitchell, Kelly Murch, Janet Nagel, Susan Sebulsky, Annalisa Soukup, Jacqueline Stensrud, Lisa Tobin, Laura Torosian, Linda Traeger, Julie Valenti, Colleen Vedra, Cassandra Vermillion, Ester Viti, Kristen Weisberg, Tammy Werner, Lisa Zenni